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    Cash Deposit in Bank

    If you select Cash Deposit in Bank as your preferred payment mode while placing your order then you must follow the below instructions to complete your order:

    This is an offline payment mode. Cash deposit in bank will have an additional deposit fee charged by the bank.

    Please make the payment in the below bank account:

    Bank Account Details: 

    Account Number: 916020076967348 
    Account Holder: Official Reseller 
    Account Type: Current 
    Bank Name: Axis Bank 
    IFSC: UTIB0000515

    Additional Bank Charges (Deposit Fee) 

    Notice that all banks charge deposit fee. The exact amount of deposit fee will vary from bank to bank.

    Please make sure that you check the deposit fee amount information from your bank officer or cashier and include that amount in your payment.

    For example: If your order total is INR 1000 and your bank charges INR 50 for every deposit then you must deposit INR 1050 in total.

    Please note that failing to include the additional deposit fee while you transfer the amount will result in delays and you will be asked to complete the payment by depositing the remaining INR 50. This is applicable for all the customers without any exceptions.

    Once you have done the deposit please call +91 9849779225 for getting your order processed.


    Please note that you do not need to have any bank account for depositing the money into our bank account. You can simply fill a deposit form available in your nearest bank and deposit the amount.

    Please note that you do not need to deposit the money from the same bank. You can deposit the money from any bank to any bank. For example SBI to Axis.

    If you need any clarifications regarding this payment mode please feel free to call us on +91 9849779225.